Wooden block cube flipping between 2022 to 2023 for change and preparation merry Christmas and happy new year.

Hello World !!

The books are closed for 2022. There were incredible opportunities and some setbacks which will continue into 2023. The economy, interest rates, inflation, and the possibility of a land war in Europe are at the forefront of every news article. Don’t forget that bad news and fear often sell best. In the new digital age, we may not run to the corner newsstand to purchase the “stop the presses” breaking news but we still purchase news through clicks, likes, and reposts.

How companies, institutions, families, and the world itself compete for our attention is one of the focal points of this series of posts. Our original company, Globo Rojo Records, sought to provide novel services to musicians and venues while growing an online audience and nurturing a live experience. The idea was really to get involved, have some fun, and meet some (very) interesting people. We did that to some extent but the Covid Crisis destroyed the original thesis for the business.

The developing story of 2023 will be the topic of our blog posts. Globo Rojo Inc. is being converted from our initial hobbyist record label S-Corp to an asset-based lending and investment company. The assets of Globo Rojo Records remain in our portfolio and at some point, we will begin to offer touring services as more musicians begin to wander around the country.

Now as we enter 2023, we share the same fears and hopes of others. Our particular journey is beginning to get a little harder as the bloom of youth fades from our rosy cheeks. We look in the mirror and begin to see older, wiser, retired people staring back at us. Engaging with younger college grads, we ask ourselves, was I ever so naive, young, fearless, powerful, and full of hope?

The Things They Do Look Awful Cold

I Hope I Die Before I Get Old

The Who – Pete Townshend “My Generation” 1965

The Pursuit of Growth – Keep on Truckin’

Keep Growing, Grow … Grow .. Grow … more, more, more

The world’s economy depends on economic growth.

Economic stress drips through the system and tries every part of our society. Government intervention attempts to maintain reasonable growth while preparing for the future.

The switch between periods of prosperity and decline are often violent.

It ain’t easy … and … ain’t going to be …

The financial markets always have some degree of greed and fear mixed together in a turbulent cauldron of opportunity. In every market and in every period; there are “winners” and “losers.” Some are able to navigate the current financial storms while others finally succumb to the stresses of the business cycle.

Are we experts? By far and away; no way. We will never take on that title. We are at best looking at the future through our own lenses of success and failure. Our good fortunes and unique experiences now provide us with the context to slow down, appreciate the moment, love those around us, and make what we hope are rational investments.


We don’t really know what will occur in 2023. We do know that changes rarely occur suddenly or drastically, there is usually a build-up going back years if not generations. Even killer asteroids are now being monitored with the goal of eliminating the once-in-a-billion-year threats to those living on the earth.

So to conclude this initial post; we thank you for joining us on the journey and getting to know us a bit better. The year will have its joys and its tears. Ideally, we will be better, more grateful, closer to our financial goals, and a little more fit-trim by this time next year.

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